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Letter of invitation for the Participation in the Stakeholder Platform of PIGWEB 21 juni 2021

ILVO is a partner of the PIGWEB project (An infrastructure for experimental research for sustainable pig production) which started on 1 March 2021. PIGWEB will provide transnational access (TNA) to ensure easy and transparent access to 28 experimental pig research infrastructures (RI) and associated laboratories. The core aim of PIGWEB is to strengthen the pig research community. PIGWEB aims to do this by providing and facilitating access to RIs, reinforcing a culture of cooperation between the research community and industrial and societal stakeholders.
Stakeholder engagement is vital to the PIGWEB project to make sure the produced knowledge will further improve the effectiveness pig research community and to exploit the most promising result transfer.

We are now setting up the Stakeholder Platform (SP) of PIGWEB which is aimed to be a unique platform for cooperation and collaboration with representatives of stakeholders outside of the project. Receiving stakeholders’ views and opinions on key developments of the project during stakeholders meeting and consultations will ensure that relevant perspectives, demand, concerns and needs are captured and integrated in the entire work cycle of PIGWEB with the aim of enhancing its value and impact. The SP therefore welcomes representatives of the pig RI and researchers in pig experimentation, pig production industry (including breeding companies, feed companies, animal health and welfare companies, and precision farming), pig production (including pig producers, farm advisers and managers, veterinarians and technicians), policy-makers, and society at large (including NGOs).

What PIGWEB offers participants of the SP:

  • -Accessing to a diversity of specialists and experts in the pig sector, eager to share their knowledge
  • -By sharing views on specific needs and concerns, participants help defining the content of the project, thereby maximizing their opportunity to benefit from and apply the project’s outcomes
  • -Enhancing knowledge of pig RIs through PIGWEB’s dissemination and training activities
  • -Maximizing the opportunity to benefit from and apply the project’s outcomes

What we expect from SP participants:

  • -Subscription to the PIGWEB mailing list (
  • -Invite your network to subscribe to the mailing list
  • -Participation to online/digital discussions and consultations
  • -Share the relevant information with your professional network and support our efforts to reach out to as many stakeholders as possible

In case you have any questions feel free to contact us ( and

Yours sincerely

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